screenplay Finally Complete

While you may have read my book, My Uncle Gloria: A Memoir, what many people didn’t know is that I was working with a screenwriter to write a script loosely based on my life. Well, the script is finally complete and I am in the process of looking for representation or a film company to produce the movie.

My script pulls from aspects of my memoir, yet more vividly jumps into my spiraling life in a seedy underworld where Gloria steps in. Dark, humorous, and deep this script tackles a world of drugs, prostitution, murder, and recovery as well as the importance of understanding. The MUG script was inspired by the Jake Gyllenhaal movie, Nightcrawler.

If you are interested in representing my script or are a film producer or director curious enough to step into my world you can contact Steven Shulman here.

Books, documentaries, and now a movie script, I am also looking forward to completing my first television series in the fashion of Fargo.


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